How often do you change your jewellery?

Last weekend in Sydney was pretty dreary. So I decided it was a good time to open my safe and have a fossick. It was so much fun!

I found jewels I had ‘forgotten’ about. This made me think how easy it is to fall into the trap of wearing the same jewellery everyday. Sure, there are some pieces that you want to wear everyday like your engagement and wedding rings. But what about earring, bangles, bracelets, watches, necklaces, other rings? I know I just reach for the same jewellery everyday out of habit, laziness, lack of time, its there in the jewellery dish or without thinking. Time for a change!

So I got out my ultrasonic (a great piece of equipment to have and they are very affordable) filled it with water and the ultrasonic cleaning fluid (btw I sell this if you need some) and let it rip. I didn’t do a massive clean. I usually put my jewellery away clean, but it is always nice to spruce it up a bit when you want to wear it again.

Not only have I completely changed everything from my fingers to my toes (well actually my toe rings and anklet are still the same only because I don’t have an alternative….but that is easily fixed ;-)). AND I found jewellery in there that I want to renovate a bit or completely. AND I found some loose gemstones that have given me inspiration for new pieces. WIN WIN WIN!

We change our clothes (hopefully…..), we change our handbags (for me, not as often as I’d like to), we change our shoes and and and…….

So open your safes or jewellery boxes, it doesn’t matter how much jewellery you have, and have a fossick and play and wear something you haven’t worn for a while. Its invigorating. I’ve made a promise to myself to do this at least twice a week, more if I am going out.

Open your treasure chests and Aladdin’s caves and go nuts.

Tash xx








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