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Bangles by Covet Jewels started with the ‘UNITY’ bangles. The main picture are my bangles and have a very high emotional value. This is why – I used the gold from my Nana’s jewellery which I inherited and loved yet didn’t want to wear, they are handmade and engraved with special dates and I gifted them to myself on my 40th birthday.

I have made many ‘UNITY’, not all are pictured on my website. Some have been silver, most have been gold and engraved with sayings or loved ones’ names and birthdates (in particular children or grandchildren) and all have been cherished and worn every day. Making them a heirloom piece.

I loved designing and making the ‘Moonshadow’ cuff. I found the gemstones, a pair of cat’s eye moonstones, and didn’t know if I was going to use them for earrings or rings. Fearing that the beauty of the cat’s eye effect would be lost in earrings and not wanting to split them up for rings I decided on my ‘Moonshadow’ cuff, with Ceylon blue sapphires.

I once saw a fabulous heavy silver bracelet in a shop, yet was so unimpressed by the quality of the silver, and equally inspired to make a link bracelet. From that came the ‘X-link’ silver and gold bracelet.

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