Covet Jewels Founder Natasha Turner

Create pieces you will treasure from Grandma's loved jewels

Custom Design Services by Covet Jewels

If you have inherited some classic pieces from family but don’t exactly LOVE the design, let’s have a chat about creating a piece you will truly love while keeping the sentimental touch.

Custom Design

I love designing. I do it in my head when I run or have trouble sleeping. Heaven for me would be sitting at a table with amazingly beautiful gems of all sizes, shapes and colours spread out in front of me and having carte blanche to design to my heart’s content.

I feel that my designs have a ‘look’ to them yet each one is different or has been motivated by the main gem used, something I have seen in nature, industrial design, architecture or just my mood at the time.

As you can see I love colour, it blows me away that gemstones are created by nature and come in the craziest colours, I feel the same when I see flowers. How does mother nature do it? Clever woman and I try my hardest to do justice to her creations with mine.

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I love jewels
I love jewelsI love choosing from my favourite pieces on a daily basis